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The international taxation field are developing rapidly, international economic activities let the enterprise income taxpayers had become more international, the investors obtained rich profit through the channel management, financiers earned huge interest by international loans , in the meanwhile, transnational taxpayers are taxed in a number of countries, and as the countries concerned on some policies are different that lead to dualtaxation problem, which led to the distribution relationship between the countries that concerned a huge problem of tax rights and interests.
This summit organized by GTS(Golden Tax Summit) and IBFD(International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) ,IBFD was established as a small centre staffed by 4 researchers. The purpose of this bureau was to supply information concerning (the application of) tax law and to stimulate the development of tax science.
This summit starts by introducing some key points in international tax planning and some emerging themes .the aim is to provide participants with an in-depth
understanding of how domestic and international tax policy and updated are used in practice for international tax planning purposes. The topics covered international tax structuring involving debt financing, intangible,transfer pricing,BT reforms to VAT and recent developments following the OECD Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting.
Furthermore,GTS would invite OECD, SAT officials, fortune 500 companies and big four partners to gather in Beijing in September to discuss worldwide tax issues affecting the local companies and multinational companies while doing outbound and inbound investment. This summit will clued by China-BT reforms to VAT-Risk Prevention,Asia Pacific-Indirect taxes-Tax Planning,Europe-Transfer Pricing-Controversy and Anti-avoidance,America-Mergers and Acquisitions-M&A Strategy。Join us! Getting the seldom and valuable meet tax peers and benchmarking

Sept.11,2015 China&Asia Pacific

Keynote: Recent Developments of Chinese Tax Reforms
and How Taxpayers could Keep in Step
Keynote: The Step Results of BT reforms to VAT and
Time Slot Related Real Estate and Finance Industry
Dialogue: 2015 Beps Action Plan - China's Perspective
Keynote:Hot Topics & General Rules in Asia Pacific
Taxation and its Impact on Taxpayers
Keynote:Summary of the general indirect trend and
development in APAC
Dialogue: The Efficient Measures that Taxpayers should
do to Mitigate the Tax Burden (Korea India,Japan,

Sept.10,2015 Europe&America

Keynote: Overview of the European Corporate Tax Field
Keynote: Transfer Pricing of IP and Intangibles
Dialogue: The New anti avoidance Provisions that
Taxpayers should do to Mitigate Dispute in 2015
Keynote: Principles of American Tax Planning
Keynote: International Tax Aspects of Mergers and
Dialogue: Overseas M&A:Tax Risk and Control Strategy

  • Nealis LiuGlobal Tax Director,
  • Julia Wang,CFO,Longmenco
  • Loretta LiuTax Director Great China,
    Publicis Groupe
  • Xiong YingTax Director,
  • ZhangAihuaTax Director,
  • OfficialState Administration
  • OfficialDevelopment Research
    Centre of the State Council
  • JolyonSr Manager Controller,
  • Kiyoshi NakayamaAdvisor Fisaal Affairs Department,IMF
  • Michael LennardChief Intl.Tax Coo-peration FfDO,United Nations
  • PeterCFO & VP Finance,Greater China Region at a USA-based MNC
  • Pramod KumarJudge-TP,Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Cao MingxinDepty Chief,Central University of Finance and Economics
  • Cherry ChenTax Director,Greater China,Sanofi-Aventis
  • Patrica LiTax Director,Greater China & Russia,Cummins
  • Li YingTax Director,Siemens
  • Redstar Liangezhouba Group Inter-national Engineering Co. LTD